Buddha Beats Studio 2019 New 6 Week Yoga Series !!

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    Buddha Beats Yoga studio is where students and teachers alike can grow, learn and deepen their yoga practice in a supportive, nurturing environment. Buddha Beats Yoga is fostering community spirit and cant wait to have all you yogis in this beautiful new space. We will have 6 different styles of yoga classes, Alignment Flow, Yin Yoga a way of happy fascia, Buti Yoga & Stretch & Restore with guided meditation, Ass-Tastic Barre & Teen Yoga. Join me for 6-weeks series of yoga or sign up for 12 weeks!

Start Date Nov 11, 2019

         Alignment Flow Yoga- Tuesdays at 10:00am $90.00+tax for 6 weeks.

This class is blissology inspired all-levels, 60-minute vinyasa fusion alignment flow class is all about deep inhales & big exhales. It's a yoga adventure to help you feel refueled so you can tap into your inner yogi. Learn how to cultivate a deep yoga practice and have a seriously fun time while you do it. We will customize the poses to suit your own individual bodies to create a pose that is therapeutic, light yet stable. This class will be a game changer of how you practice yoga with big, hip openers and a simmer down, yummy savasana.· 

Buti Yoga- Tuesdays at 5:30 pm $90.00+tax for 6 weeks.

Buti Yoga is a unique opportunity to Connect + Thrive with inspiration while delving deep into the Spiral Structure Technique and it's application to our dynamic flow sequence. Build a strong foundation in yoga cueing, adjustment and modification before moving on to add dynamic toning variations to poses and sequences. Have you ever wanted to know a few yoga positions to tone your butt? The bum is one of the hardest areas to get in shape. This yoga class will tone your butt, the sequence will incorporate small pulsing movements, within your yoga practise its a bum-tastic yoga routine... Be prepared to feel the burn! Students will also learning to tap into their own inner strength, creativity + leadership to join our Buti Tribe + discover the sisterhood of our global Butisattva community.·      

Yin Yoga A Way Of Happy Fascia Tuesday 6:45 pm $110.00+tax for 6 weeks.

Using simply 2 tennis balls, learn to unravel tension from your toes to your ears along myofascial meridians (long fibrous pathways of connective tissue that contract and adhere from habitual movement and posture). Unwind and release muscle trigger points and fascial adhesions to experience profound freedom in your body as well as increased ease in your asana practice.This class fuses trigger point release, fascial release, restorative yoga and meditative techniques that enhance our capacity to release tension, ultimately where no ordinary yoga practice will take you – deep into your fascial layer. Please bring 2 tennis balls and a clean tube sock or rad balls.

·        Stretch & Restore With Guided Meditation Wednesdays at 10:30 am $90.00+tax for 6 weeks.

Come and enter the ultimate 'chill zone' all-levels, 60-minute gentle yoga experience. Embark on a journey of 'growing younger' from the inside out as we nourish our connective tissue, promote & restore the flow of chi (energy) + calm the nervous system. We’ll weave in and out of deliciously juicy postures— held long enough to work away built-up tension and stresses- to help you relax. All set against our specially chilled playlist, a soothing mix of melodies that will help knead away the knots as you unwind and de-stress. The result? Big exhales that your body and mind will love. Gentle yoga is the perfect passive yoga class to complement your more active yin yoga practices. Followed by a guided meditation to find absolute bliss.  Time for meditation, silent prayer, and authentic listening without distraction is a beautiful thing. In a world where life moves fast, we will make time to slow down, unwind, unravel, and open up. A place of openness is the onset of great change.·    

·  Teen Yoga- Thursdays at 4:15 pm $90.00+tax for 6 weeks.

If your teenager is looking for a great way to reduce stress, stay fit and get healthy. YOGA is the answer. Yoga assists with the development of a healthy, strong body and mind.It has been proven that practicing yoga reduces stress and rejuvenates the senses through relaxation. Yoga practice involves learning breathing techniques and participating in poses and moves to assist with the energy flow in the body.

· Ass-tastic Barre- Thursdays at 5:30 pm $90.00+tax for 6 weeks.

Ass-tastic barre is a fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Buti Yoga, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. Ass-tastic barre is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing barre elements.

All levels welcome. We recommend bringing your yoga mat. 
Space is limited. To save your spot please email transfer Aleena. 
Please include the name of the class and the full names of the people coming. Upon your arrival, to the studio, you just tell me your name at the door and you will be on the list. If you sign up for 2 or more 6 week series get the second package for only $60.00 more.

I also have drop in rates of $20.00 per class or I have punch passes. 

5 class punch for $95.00+tax

10 class punch for $180.00+tax and you will get 11th class for free!! 
For more information or questions please contact Aleena McKinnon.