Breathe fresh air. Listen to live music. Flow with your body.
Buddha Beats combines Aleena's love of the outdoors, music and yoga. Each practice is accompanied by a local musician. Events take place in a beautiful backyard oasis, or at eight wineries and venues around the Okanagan. See Calendar for upcoming events and pricing.
Relax into the music of one of these talented local artists as you dig deep in your downward dog.


Who does a song better than the original? Most of the time nobody, so why cover it that way? As a songwriter and performer I enjoy trying to find a way to make a song my own by bending it away from the original composition. Hopefully, someone may hear something in the song they might not have heard before. Sometimes the lyrics can come alive in a different way and possibly take on a new meaning for the listener. For myself, if for nothing else, then at least for the sheer enjoyment of continuing the ever ending wonder of music.


Lowell Friesen. Canadian contemporary singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lowell Friesen combines a tender hearted sensitivity, an edgy simmering angst and a dash of tongue in cheek humor to his brand of modern/folk, alt/country music. Born in Manitoba in a small mennonite farming community Lowell’s first influences ranged from the church choir harmonies he heard on Sundays to the twangy country tunes his father played when no one was around to listen.


Dustin Block is an amazing songwriter and singer here in Kelowna. His passion for music and yoga shine through when he plays at any of Buddha Beats events. His voice will take you off the mat to pure bliss.


Michael S.e Elliott is a community organizer/activist living in Kelowna BC. Creating bridges between isolated segments of the community with creative projects is a strong suit for the intrepid entrepreneur. His passion, however, has consistently been creating and writing original songs. Spending hours crafting and cradling phrases, weeks interrupting subtle differences in flow and cadence, and sometimes years waiting for songs to breathe, decay, and become reborn.

Michael's music has been feature in film & television, and has enjoyed heavy rotation on many college radio programs.

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Sally Wallick is a free spirited singer songwriter in the Okanagan. She performs for weddings, wineries, restaurants, coffee shops, and of course YOGA! Sally sings songs about love and happiness and she does so in a very soulful way where you can feel the music and the emotion that it brings.